DeKay was founded on 2008. After being in the shirt design business for metal/hardcore bands for about two years I was always buying lot of band merch. I found that there was always something wrong with the merch either the design was bad, the printing was bad or the quality of the shirt was bad. After seeing this I set out to make clothing that fixed this problem, something I would like to wear myself. On 2008 I was finally able to start this thanks to the help of my ex-business partner Craig Watkins (better known as wotto). We started DeKay with a couple shirt designs and a few dozen shirts. We started out with a simple online store and selling at local music shows. DeKay grew from this, and we started producing a few more shirt and we expanded to making belts as well. After some time of having the business growing me and Craig decided to part ways and I continued to project on my own. We now carry about 20+ products on our store and we are constantly expanding, making new products and keeping our focus on offering incredible art and quality shirts.
And the story continues…